One of the most difficult decisions in renovating and refurbishing a kitchen is choosing a countertop to stick to. For one, it is as permanent as it gets since you cannot change and replace it whenever you can. As such, it is important not only to consider the quality but also the style in picking the right countertop for your kitchen. With that in mind, there is no need to look further because Caesarstone countertops are here. This kind of countertop will improve the functionality and look of your kitchen for many years to come. Below are the benefits of Caesarstone countertops for your kitchen.

Caesarstone Countertops are Cost Efficient

Caesarstone countertops are cost efficient to invest for your kitchen. Its high durability means that your countertops don’t need to be as big and thick as other kinds of stone benchtops normally found inside the kitchen. With this, you will not just save a lot amount of money, but also you will discover that you do not need waxes or sealants in order to improve your countertop’s appearance. Not to mention the years of wear and tear you will never get with this kind of countertop.

Caesarstone Countertops Require Minimal Maintenance

Compare to other kinds of stone countertops, Caesarstone countertops need little maintenance. There’s no need for you to worry regarding the waxes and sealants to secure the condition and look of this kind of material. Further, there’s no need to panic over spills as it’s a non-porous surface. You just need to wipe off the liquid as fast as you can without fear of marks.

Caesarstone Countertops Have a Unique Style

No other stone has the look and shape of quartz other than Caesarstone countertops. They offer a truly unique style into your kitchen and are also versatile enough to improve any style of décor that ranges from the elaborate conventional décor to the sleek and sophisticated modern décor.

Caesarstone Countertops are Durable

The high durability of Caesarstone countertops comes in part from the non-porous surface, which is highly resistant to mildew, mould, and scratching. Apart from that, it endures impacts to a huge degree than other normal stone does that prevents chips and cracks from happening from big objects incidentally hitting it. You’ll discover that this kind of countertop is resistant to scorch marks given that it endures up well to heat exposure.

Caesarstone Countertops Have a Wide Selection of Colours and Styles

Another advantage of why you should buy Caesarstone countertops is the wide selection of colours, which you can choose from for your kitchen countertops. For all the white kitchens, you might prefer the Snow or Pure White. However, for a gray colour scheme, you can choose the Sleek Concrete. If you are looking for a brown tone, you can choose from the Cocoa fudge colours or Wild Rice Emperadoro. These colours are some just of the many choices available in for kitchen countertops.

If you are looking for experts in Caesarstone countertops, then we have that covered for you. We at Trim Joinery can offer cost-effective quality workmanship that can efficiently install and complete any project with consideration to your needs and preferences.

Alfresco kitchens have long been popular in the warm climate of Australia, and the trend of al fresco cooking is becoming increasingly popular in the cooler climates of Europe. In fact, Scandinavians embrace cooking alfresco even in the coldest months, and the trend is slowly making its way to Australia. Below are ideas, designs and tips for a perfect alfresco kitchen.

Consider an overhead covering

Barbecuing has been popular for a long time but demands for covered outdoor kitchens soar in recent years, according to experts. The beauty of a solid structure overhead is that you can plan garden parties without consulting the weather forecast. The best outdoor kitchens provide ample food preparation space and work surface for pots, crockery and utensils, as well as seating.

Entertain at an outdoor cocktail bar

Give your entertaining a cocktail-bar buzz, without leaving home. A garden bar to make greater use of outside space is highly recommended. A bar takes up a lot less space than a dining area. Select key fittings, such as an outdoor wine fridge or sink, then build the bar around these. Choose materials that can withstand year-round exposure. A well-sealed natural stone top and treated wood cladding can be the one for you.

Find a Budget Outdoor Kitchen

Once you’ve worked out your budget, shop around to find a range that’s right for you. Look for a range of affordable outdoor kitchen products with matching garden furniture to complete the look.

Narrow down your cooking style

Whatever your preferred cooking method is, there’s something for you. Choose from an outdoor kitchen BBQ, pizza oven, hob, grill or a combination of them all.

Position a Preparation Area

Make sure that you have ample space for food preparation. You won’t want to have to walk back and forth to the kitchen or garden table with all your food in tow. Be sure to keep cooked and uncooked food separate so as not to contaminate one another.

Choose a Weatherproof Countertop

Your outdoor kitchen is going to be exposed to all weather conditions, so it’s important to choose a suitable material for your work surface. Avoid wood, and go for concrete or stainless steel instead. You could use stone tiles, slabs or flagstones, too, but they should be treated with an acrylic sealer. This will make them more weather resistant and easier to clean.

We provide high-quality new kitchens and tailor-made detailed joinery to meet our customers’ exact requirements and can work with a range of differently sized spaces for your convenience.

We at Trim Joinery believe that detail is everything for your perfect alfresco kitchen. Our flawless attention to detail starts with providing our clients with detailed product knowledge and most importantly listening to what they want and offering design ideas if they aren’t quite sure how to maximise the use of their space.