Kitchens are the heart of every home, as it is where cooking, socialising and bonding takes place. That is why kitchen renovations are becoming popular. One of the factors that are considered in a kitchen renovation is the benchtop options. With so many materials available, choosing the perfect kitchen benchtop for your upcoming kitchen renovation can be overwhelming. Below are the different benchtop options when planning for a kitchen renovation.

Natural Timber

Textures and designs are increasing in popularity with regards to kitchen renovations. People tend to take the easy way in kitchen renovations since they find it hard to allow the time and effort to incorporate their preferred aspects and themes the traditional way. Luckily, timber can significantly help them with such. It can soften and add texture to your designs. Timber adds a certain amount of warmth on benchtops and complements any decorating style you pick. Aside from that, it pairs well with light cabinetry and offers aesthetic benefits with a country-style theme. You can also combine it with grey, black and navy for a more prominent contrast.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has a calm tastefulness and material intrigue that never goes out of style. The most famous benchtop options for kitchen renovations are marble and stone. Both delightful and outwardly striking materials, natural stone choices have been utilised as kitchen benchtops in kitchen renovations for quite a long time, and they keep on being a top choice with kitchen owners. Being natural materials, they accompany varieties in texture and shading, which give them life, character and development. These materials can loan a feeling of complexity to any kitchen renovation and can be utilised in mix with wood to make a shocking appearance for both an advanced or conventional kitchen renovation.


Laminate is an adaptable material that can be utilised to make a significant plan highlight for your kitchen structure. Laminates are accessible in a wide scope of styles, surfaces, hues, and impacts. You can likewise utilise a blend of white laminate and butchers square to make an exceptionally practical and appealing kitchen island ledge.


With regards to kitchen structure, modern style components have kept on developing in prevalence with concrete benchtops and open racking creation their imprint on kitchen configuration patterns. Concrete establishments have made some amazing progress throughout the years, and now it is conceivable to make noteworthy, cleaned, and recoloured concrete surfaces for benchtops. Concrete has a stunning look and can be poured in bulk with no creases. Additionally, every concrete benchtop is carefully assembled, so no two will be the same adding to the uniqueness of your kitchen structure.

Stainless Steel

If your kitchen has an advanced or contemporary structure subject, steel will fit impeccably into this style. It can be finished rapidly, and the material additionally works in mix with wood, marble, or even stone materials. In terms of heat opposition, porosity and cleanliness, there’s no other material that approaches stainless steel. It’s indestructible yet it will definitely continue scratches, so you should be set up to live with that.

When Sydney homeowners have a kitchen with limited space, they find it challenging to include sufficient storage for their needs. They cannot depend upon the traditional methods for storing their kitchen items. Instead, they need to think of unique storage solutions that will help them maximise their kitchen space. Customised kitchen cabinets and shelving solutions can definitely provide the right answers, and choosing the right joinery services provider can really help a lot.

So, in order for you to come up with the right answer for your small kitchen, we provide you the following suggestions for storage options.

Hang a Ceiling Rack for Pots and Pans

Pots and pans store efficiently in a ceiling rack. Just install this rack far enough up to be out of the way of those walking through the kitchen. Also, these racks can be installed to raise and lower if you so desire.

Turn a Single Shelf into Two Shelves

Multiply your storage by transforming a single shelf into two or more shelves by installing rack units. This allows you to use the normally empty space as storage.

Slot Cabinets for Storing Baking Sheets

Place dividers in a cabinet to create slots for storing trays and baking sheets. Slotting cabinetry in this manner is quite cost-effective as well as efficient.

Use the Top of the Upper Cabinets

If your kitchen is similar to other ones today, there is a space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling. Do not let this space go to waste since it can add valuable storage to your kitchen. Be certain to arrange all the items neatly.

Create a Pantry

Allot one or two of your cabinets for a pantry if you do not have a closet or hallway to transform into one. Keep all your dry goods, canned foods and spices in the pantry.

Install Pull-Out Shelves in Lower Cabinets

To fully utilise lower cabinets for storage in your small kitchen, install pull-out shelves. You can access the items at the back easier in this manner as well as store more items in these cabinets. Another idea that also works is a Lazy Susan.

Replace a Plain Drawer with a Utensil One

Store your utensils effectively by installing a utensil drawer in place of a plain one. This type of drawer has slots for your various dinnerware pieces as well as cooking utensils.

Wall-Mounted Utensil Rack

An additional way to store your cooking utensils is with a wall-mounted rack. On the market today, you can find many types of innovative choices for these racks, including magnetic ones for storing knives.

For additional storage solutions for small kitchens, consult with Trim Joinery Sydney Central Coast. We specialise in creating unique kitchens and joinery solutions according to the exact specifications and preferences of our clients.