Summer is almost here, which means it’s the ideal opportunity for entertaining, relaxing and the all-important Christmas lunch. With so much use, it’s nothing unexpected that Summer is frequently the time families realize it’s the ideal opportunity for a new kitchen! See our handy clues underneath for ways you can renovate your kitchen this Summer effortlessly within your spending plan. Here is how you can prepare your Coast, Sydney Kitchen for a new summer season update.

Maximise Light Colours

Welcome the new season with fresh whites and clean lines. Have a go at updating your cabinetry or benchtop with a clean white completion to lift the room and give the dream of open, airy space. White cabinetry and neutral tones are completely paired with wood tones to achieve this present season’s most sweltering Hampton’s enlivened looks.

Incorporate Equipment for Socialising

Prepare for a social calendar jammed-packed loaded with suppers, BBQ’s, Sunday breakfasts and more! If you celebrate your home cook status or essentially love to entertain, at that point guaranteeing your kitchen has the correct appliances and gear is an unquestionable requirement. From wine ice chests to the latest in cooler and enlistment innovation, having a kitchen that meets your social and functional requirements is an absolute necessity.

Try Bold Hues for Your Kitchen

Supplement neutral shading palettes with a fly of shading to carry energy and style to your kitchen. Hued splashbacks are a great way to present tone without overpowering the plan of your kitchen. Glass splashbacks are not just amazingly practical, they are also an affordable way to infuse shading and style into your kitchen plan.

Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen in Central Coast, Sydney

With Summer nightfalls and balmy afternoon breezes, it appears to be a shame to restrict your entertaining inside. Broaden your kitchen outside with a servery or alfresco sink and prep area.

Kitchen renovations are becoming more and more popular and can bring even the tiredest of kitchens back to life. Trim Joinery can replace the doors, drawers, panels and bench tops from our wide array of materials and colour selections. We provide high-quality, new kitchens and tailor-made detailed joinery to meet our customers’ exact requirements and can work with a range of differently sized spaces for your convenience.

Our flawless attention to detail starts with providing our clients with detailed product knowledge and most importantly listening to what they want and offering design ideas if they aren’t quite sure how to maximise the use of their space. Our clients are confident in our wholehearted commitment and our ability to deliver their joinery as promised, on time and budget, to the highest quality.


While you can choose any colour you need, it’s likewise important to consider whether light or dark kitchen cabinets bode well in your home. Check out these pros and cons when choosing between light or dark kitchen cabinets.

Light Kitchen Cabinets Expand the Look of Your Space

They make rooms look bigger. Lighter colours cause kitchens to feel more roomy and welcoming. On the off chance that you have a more modest kitchen, a lighter shade is better. They’re immortal. White cabinets are all over. This isn’t because they’re the most popular trend, however, their fresh, clean plan has an immortal allure.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Exude an Expensive Look

They make a sentiment of extravagance. Dark completions add a feeling of lavishness, profundity, and formality to a room — so if that is the appeal you’re searching for, go with darker cabinets. Dark cabinets can make a generally bland kitchen space look more intriguing. They have an intense appearance and can even add a lively and energetic inclination to the room.

Light Kitchen Cabinets Complement Almost Anything

They supplement kitchen accessories. Perhaps the greatest test when redesigning your kitchen is ensuring your cabinets don’t overpower your machines and other kitchen accessories — particularly in case you’re blending and coordinating accessories. With light cabinets, this isn’t a worry.

They work with numerous different colours. Lighter cabinets supplement a huge scope of colours and will give you loads of adaptability with the colour of your dividers, backsplashes, and ledges. They, for the most part, make encompassing colours show up more dynamic, so they’re a decent alternative if you need to focus on your favourite accessories, artwork, or furniture.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Have a Relaxing Appeal

They’re cosier. If you need a feeling of comfort and comfort in your kitchen, consider darker cabinets. Blacks and dark greys can help make a more welcoming climate. They permit you a wide assortment of plan prospects. While lighter cabinets are more downplayed and focus on your accessories, darker cabinets become the dominant focal point, permitting you to blend and match your accessories. At the end of the day, you can explore a more prominent assortment of plans with dark cabinets.

Light Kitchen Cabinets Maximise Natural Light

They upgrade regular light. Lighter cabinets make a superior showing of mirroring common light during the day, keeping your kitchen satisfactorily brilliant without the assistance of fake lighting. Indeed, even around evening time, lighter cabinets mirror the lights from your overhead lights, giving your kitchen a more energetic, extensive feel. Also, they increment resale esteem. Because of huge numbers of the advantages, lighter kitchen cupboard colours can help the resale estimation of your home.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets are Low Maintenance and Practical

They’re useful for huge kitchens. In enormous kitchens, lighter cabinets can at times cause the space to feel somewhat sterile. Dark cabinets can be incredible for heating your space — interestingly with lighter dividers and flooring. They show food and scratches less without any problem. On the off chance that you have a functioning way of life with children or pets, darker cabinets might be a decent decision as they will have mileage over lighter cabinets.