Style is often prioritised when incorporating joinery. Most owners design their joinery with consideration to colours and aesthetics. This sometimes results in sacrificing functionality in favour of style. What they do not know is the fact that the functionality of the cabinets, shelving and display cases must be considered as the most important design factor. Watch out for these stylish and functional joinery trends for 2021.

Navy Blues – Move over dim, it’s about the blues. Where might you be able to see some naval shading in your home? A wonderful blue customary front entryway, or something more contemporary? A blue front entryway can represent success and wealth, while a dim blue entryway ventures peacefulness, harmony and tastefulness.

Light Woods – You’ve gone to the correct spot; wood is our back in style. Regardless of whether you are considering an advanced wooden flight of stairs or conventional wooden casement windows, our capable group can make your fantasy item, bespoke to your prerequisites

Sustainable Modern Design – Every industry must take the natural and social commitments genuinely, and are continuously pursuing principles of a sustainable turn of events. The heating throughout processing plant and workplaces must be delivered by burning our waste; this includes wood shavings, strong waste and the material from windows that have been supplanted by us. Using waste in this manner additionally diminishes the measure of material going into a landfill just as the number of lorries visiting our workshops.

This has numerous advantages, including the evacuation of bunches and deformities during production and utilizations around 30% a greater amount of the tree. So not exclusively are we producing present-day and contemporary pieces, we are working towards being sustainable as well!

Proclamation Pieces – It’s the ideal opportunity for an explanation of whether your taste is smooth and present-day, or exemplary and conventional, it’s the ideal chance to say something in your home. The entirety of our plans are bespoke, so you can be as striking or as unobtrusive as you like. Find our full scope of lumber windows, entryways, flights of stairs, and studios and orangeries

Ornamental Joinery – Designs are heading a more fancy way, sprinkling some lofty style into the ordinary. Investigate our exhibition for some inspiration.

Contact Trim Joinery for a cost-effective and quality commercial joinery that suits your requirements. We at Trim Joinery offer a comprehensive range of commercial joinery to suit various commercial requirements. We understand the demand on the commercial side of the joinery industry and pride ourselves on providing nothing but cost-effective quality workmanship, efficiently installing and completing any project given so everything can continue to run on schedule.


The laundry area is one of the most overlooked yet functional part of the home. If you’re creating your laundry design from scratch, it is recommended to consider your layout before fixtures or fittings. Designs can then usually be tweaked to accommodate choices. Custom joinery is a great way to create a highly functional space that flows with the rest of your home. It is advisable to design your laundry and kitchen at the same time. By using the same company to create both areas you’ll get complementing joinery as well as saving time and money. Below is a guide on how to modernise your laundry joinery in Central Coast with Trim Joinery.

Try Space-Saving Joineries

You can never have enough storage, and the laundry is no exception. When it comes to laundry joinery storage solutions, vertical options such as tallboy cupboards, either hung or free-standing, means items like irons, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, hampers and baskets can be easily kept out of sight. It is also a good consideration to utilise all areas, especially if you’re redesigning an existing room. Every awkward space can have its purpose; think about incorporating items such as towel rails, robe hooks, portable storage and unique shelving into those tricky gaps.

Hybrid Laundry and Bathroom Space

Combining your laundry and bathroom or kitchen is a great space-saver and it also means “wet rooms” can be built together, saving space and money. If you create a hybrid laundry and bathroom space, you’ll still have a great range of options both stylistically and functionally, while saving on the footprint of two separate rooms.

Choose a Joinery with Compact Design

Keeping things compact is key, so choose a joinery that takes up the least amount of space. As a laundry joinery that is integrated in key areas of the home, you’ll need to consider ventilation, noise, installation and product selection carefully. You’ll need to look at the depth and width of troughs, ensuring you have enough space to fit certain styles and brands within the smaller space. You’ll often find these laundry joinery will include a combined dryer and washer.

Waterproof Laundry Joinery

Washing machines leak, moisture builds up and floors can be completely ruined without correct waterproofing. That is why you need to consider a waterproofed feature in order to make your appliances and joineries durable and long lasting.

If the kitchen is the heart of every home then the laundry is certainly the engine room. Whether it’s a minor upgrade or a total overhaul, the frequency at which your washing machine will spin as well as the sum of people it’ll produce clean clothes for should be the cornerstone in incorporating your laundry joineries. Look no further than Trim Joinery for such needs.