The world of home improvements can be complex for the average homeowner. Like in many other professions, there are specialists called contractors for every trade. Today we want to talk about the job of a joiner and what makes for a good one.

A joiner is a professional who builds the wooden components of a home. This might be stairs, door frames, window frames, and more. So when you face a remodelling or a building project, you usually need to call in a joiner to do a particular job. Now, what are the qualities of a good joiner? Read on to understand what you should look for when hiring one.

The Craft

If you don’t have quality workmanship, you don’t have a good joiner. You may have everything else, but you don’t have anything if the quality isn’t there. Quality is everything, and homeowners are willing to wait and give concessions when the quality is there.

This is why we put this characteristic first because it is a critical element for every single project. With skilled eyes, excellent coordination, and experience in the trade, a good joiner will produce great work every day. Just look through some of the joiner’s prior work to see.

The craftsmanship can best be seen when looking at the beautiful projects the joiner has finished in a home or business. The most popular services are cupboards, wardrobes, stairs, and other storage spaces in the house.

Attention to Detail

A good joiner will pay attention to all the small details. He won’t cut corners and will do the job according to the highest standards possible using the best tools and materials.

Joiners who lack this attention to detail have shoddy work. You can tell through small actions lie a lack of communication strange spacing in their work. The lack of detail can lead to cracks and holes, so you want to spot these traits early on.

Problem Solving Skills

Every project has some problem. A contractor must know how to avoid them or overcome them in the construction trade. If homeowners could do the work themselves, they wouldn’t call in the tradesman. So you have to understand how to overcome issues in the home.

A good joiner must figure out how to get something done. He has to know how to make a project work aesthetically and functionally, which takes experience. He has to identify the problem and figure out how to fix whatever the issue is quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining the quality of the craftsmanship.

Customer Service


This is something every business sometimes has difficulty with. Contractors deal with people, homes, and requests. The joiner has to get it right for the customer and be good at doing that, which means he needs to communicate well with the customer. Homeowners need to know what things cost, how much time a job will take, and when the joiner is going to arrive at the home. It takes discipline to stay on top of several projects and keep the customer in the loop.

That’s all there is to be an excellent joiner. We excel at every one of these characteristics and believe perfecting our trade helps our customers trust us with their home projects. If you have any joinery, carpentry, or window frame needs, be sure to give us a call, and we can help.


Home designers and contractors have used the term contemporary to describe the present, now and current house styles like the bathroom vanities. This particular style does not conform to any rules or styles, unlike its counterparts. Instead, it adapts to fit trends of the time making it an ever-changing one, as it is more popularly known. Below are examples of contemporary bathroom vanity ideas you will surely love.

Custom Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

Since it is generally appealing and impressive, one contemporary bathroom vanity idea is the construction of custom cabinets with quartz countertops. Quartz, by nature, is a stone that is widely used by professionals to manufacture countertops. While it is highly attractive to the bathroom, it also provides a durable, easy-to-maintain surface to place around your sinks. You will be able to select from a wide assortment of colours.

This contemporary bathroom vanity idea exudes elegance and sophistication since the cabinets show off their quality through their finishes, such as stain, paint or lacquer ones. While staining allows the wood grain to add an earthy element, paint or lacquer finishes make their unique statements in a contemporary bathroom vanity. Styles of cabinetry range from ones that install on the floor to models which seem to float in midair, since they anchor to the wall instead of the floor. In addition, simplistic door and drawer pull enhance this cabinetry. Both single-sink and double-sink models are available to suit your needs.

Non-Recessed or Semi-Recessed Sinks

Another contemporary vanity bathroom idea is the use of non-recessed or semi-recessed sinks. They can be constructed using various materials with the most popular being ceramic. Sinks such as these come in rectangular, circular, oval and rectangular shapes and create a ‘now’ statement much more than recessed sinks will in your bathroom vanity.

Current Models of Mixers or Tapware

Since contemporary vanity bathroom styles are ever-changing, present, now and current, it is wise to incorporate the latest equipment to complete the look of your bathroom vanity. If you install one of the current models of mixers or tapware, you will notice that these elements come in a variety of finishes, including chrome, rose copper and graphite for three examples. Choose the finishes that complement the rest of your vanity in an ideal manner.

Other Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Other contemporary bathroom vanity ideas include spacious tubs and showers with or without jets, glass shower enclosures, tile walls and flooring in various colours and patterns and LED lighting options with or without dimmer switches.

Consult Trim Joinery for the contemporary bathroom idea that you will surely love. We use quality materials and fittings to compliment the rest of your home. Not only can we update your existing bathroom, but we can also create a new one to bring your bathroom back to life.