Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for a More Functional Bathroom Design


Bathroom cabinets are essential elements for creating a more functional bath design. When planning a new bathroom design or updating your current bath, you want to ensure that the layout includes attractive cabinetry with spacious storage.

While woven baskets and colourful bins can add style and appealing accents to your room decor, they can supply only limited storage space. For a stylish bathroom interior with plenty of storage, you need skilfully crafted cabinets with high degrees of fashion, functionality and flair.

Stylish Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Increased Functionality

Some innovative and stylish bathroom cabinet ideas for greater functionality include the following:

• Modular Wall Cabinets. By installing a series of modular wall cabinets near your bathroom vanity, there will be no wasted wall space. Many contemporary designs in these modular cabinet units are slim, streamlined styles with simple lines.

Although they appear small and compact from the outside, these cabinets have spacious interiors. They can be an ideal choice for use in a small bathroom or a bath with a long, narrow layout.

• Large Vanity Console Cabinets.
If your bathroom layout allows space for a large and charming vanity-sink console with plenty of storage space in the built-in cabinetry below, this can solve the issue of needing additional storage. Some modern vanity styles and many vintage designs have very spacious cabinets for storing all bath necessities.

• Freestanding Bath Cupboards. In a medium to large-size bath, one or more freestanding cupboards with plenty of shelves can be a highly functional answer to the question of where to store towels, toiletries and other necessary bath items. Although the vintage cupboards may require more floor space, they often are made of lovely natural wood with soft, luxurious hues, grains and textures.

• Builtin Sliding-Door Cabinets. If your bathroom interior has a free wall or a wall with a few feet of free space, built-in cabinets with sliding doors may be the best choice for meeting your needs. These contemporary cabinets in wood, metal or composite material can store a large volume of bathroom supplies without requiring extra floor space.

They are easy to open and close, even for small children, and any items that the kids should not have access to like razors, medications or makeup items can be stored on the higher shelves.

By contacting our experts at Trim Joinery located in Fountaindale, NSW, you can receive innovative ideas and plans for creating a more functional bathroom design with new bath cabinetry. Our experienced team will work closely with you to determine the ideal types, styles and materials in bathroom cabinetry to meet your current requirements.

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