Bathroom Vanity Renovation 101: Maximising the Use of Lighting Fixtures


You can get off to a good start every day with lighting that is both attractive and practical in the bathroom vanity. Find out how to choose functional fixtures that will not only illuminate your face in a way that is most attractive to you but will also provide a charming aesthetic touch to your bathroom.

Brighten Up with Better Lights

You may brighten up your mornings by putting a nice light fixture on your bathroom vanity. In addition to being a beautiful feature, these bulbs provide adequate lighting for operations like shaving or applying cosmetics. You can locate bathroom vanity lighting that’s appropriate for your needs whether you’re building a new house, remodelling an old bathroom, or just searching for an economical method to refresh your area. Styles, sizes, and price ranges for vanity lights are practically infinite. Use these methods to get the greatest lighting for your bathroom vanity in the morning or at night.

Start Thinking About Bathroom Vanity Lighting Now

When redesigning a bathroom, consider your vanity lighting arrangement from the beginning of the process. The lighting fixtures may have to be removed, replaced, or relocated to get the desired effect. All of these procedures can need a significant amount of electrical labour. Choosing bathroom vanity lighting is easier and less expensive when the walls are open.

Estimate Vanity Lighting

Consider the amount of light you need before deciding on bathroom vanity lighting. Vanity lights in bathrooms without windows may need to be brighter or more numerous. When it comes to bathroom lighting, a vanity fixture alone isn’t going to do the trick. They work best when paired with overhead lightings, such as recessed or pendant.

Size Vanity Fixtures Properly

Next, think about the size of the vanity light fixture that will seem the most appropriate in your room. When shopping for a light fixture in the shape of a bar or one that has numerous lights, a good rule of thumb is to choose one that is no broader than the vanity cabinet (it is OK, however, if the fixture is wider than the mirror). You may need more than one fixture for long vanities, and aesthetically speaking, double sinks seem better when there is a separate fixture placed over each sink. It is possible to hang sconces on each side of a mirror. Alternately, you may use them in conjunction with bar fixtures to get additional light and keep shadows from forming on the sides of your face.

Style Your Bathroom Vanity Lights

The style of the bathroom or surrounding rooms should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a vanity fixture. Choose a finish that goes well with the rest of your house’s decor. Chrome, brushed nickel, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze are among the most popular options. Make sure the vanity fixture you pick is appropriate for usage in the bathroom before purchasing it. That way, you may rest assured it’s watertight and secure.

Choose Vanity Light Bulbs Intelligently

The quality of the light you get from a fixture is directly correlated to the quality of the bulbs you utilise. The body might be shocked by strong light in the morning. Dimming switches and lower-wattage bulbs can also assist reduce glare from bright lights. Coated or frosted bulbs, as well as fixtures with frosted-glass coverings, provide the most pleasing light.

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