Commercial Fitouts in Sydney Central Coast: Considerations for the “New Normal”


At the point when this COVID-19 is finished, it won’t be business as usual. This pandemic will change the lifestyle in all cases. In commercial industries, huge changes are seen as to how they will bounce back and develop when this pandemic is finished. While everyone is bustling, adapting and enduring this test, there are plans and considerations to adapt to the new normal in commercial fitouts.

Workplace Setting

Organisations are as of now making their arrangements for the inevitable return of their employees to the work environment. Numerous companies are thinking about actualising a safe return for their workforce while a specific rate will stay under the “telecommute” arrangement as the network keeps on acclimating to the “new normal” brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The greatest concern, in any case, is the danger of the purported consecutive wave which is demonstrated to be more disastrous.

Plan And Space Changes

The open-plan office, which is standard before, is no longer seen as an appropriate choice in its present form, offering little in the method of individual space, security and social distancing from others. In any case, with new fitouts and plans, there is a chance to use this to assure labourers returning to the workplace that they are safe.

Take the cluster space, for instance. Intended for a meeting between few people, the cluster room could offer a valuable workspace in this new situation, though for smaller meetings than initially expected. For instance, if spaces may have been intended for six individuals, presently they may just have the option to oblige fewer and only if absolutely necessary, thus they can be made significantly more secure for clients and staff altogether. Below are other alterations of commercial fitouts for the new normal.


Commercial fitouts may be organised to pivot open workstations so individuals don’t confront one another. They can also incorporate nearby workstations – only one seat separated. Alter work areas zeroing in on viable and efficient arrangements if the number of people can’t be decreased. For visitors and clients, there must be a devoted seat to guarantee advantageous contact tracing. Limit overcrowding by diverting working environment to regions like gathering room and open areas. You could also introduce dividers between work areas that face one another.

Common Areas

Move pantry room close to principle access to limit pedestrian activity. There must also be sniffle and cough Barriers (utilising Acrylic) for front counters and counters. There must also be information signages for best cleanliness practice and avoidance at key zone, as well as signages for re-coordinating traffic stream.

Key Priorities

If possible, one-desk policy must be implemented. Aside from that, it is necessary to have a gear for temp checking, hand sanitizer dispenser and face mask dispensers on building halls. Lastly, provide cleaning units in every work area.

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