Commercial Joinery: Reasons Why Functionality Matters


Style is often prioritised when incorporating joinery in commercial establishments. Most owners design their commercial joinery with consideration to their branding colours and aesthetics. This sometimes results in sacrificing functionality in favour of style. What they do not know is the fact that the functionality of the cabinets, shelving and display cases must be considered as the most important design factor. In commercial joinery functionality is twofold – as it needs to organise and display products as well as present a positive image of the business and appeal to customers. Below are other reasons why functionality matters.

Functional Commercial Joinery Enables Customers to Access Products Easily and Conveniently

The commercial joinery used in a retail setting needs to reflect the products being sold and the design sensibility of the store owner, as well as organising products in a way that makes it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for. If you are selling trendy clothes to a young audience, you will want your commercial joinery to be vibrant and unconventional instead of staid and traditional, but you will also want your commercial joinery to work for you; to display your newest products idiosyncratically and prominently.

Functional Commercial Joinery Makes Products Appealing and Attractive

In order to create functional and appealing commercial joinery designs, you must be creative. If small items such as jewellery are to be displayed, small niches with inbuilt lights can be created in the wall cabinets to give customers a tantalising glimpse of exquisite and delicate pieces. The shop fitout also often needs to make the most of the whole space in order to display a complete product range. When space is limited a balance needs to be reached between making products easily accessible to customers and fitting in as much commercial joinery as possible, whether in the form of shelves up to the ceiling, display cases organised into aisles, or cabinets tucked into nooks. Just as in residential projects, retail cabinetry often needs to fit in with the peculiarities of the building, whether it is a century old or built last year, in order to create a truly unique and functional space.

Functional Commercial Joinery Can Increase Productivity

While commercial joinery can be effectively used as a major visual feature in an office, the main purpose is to help increase the productivity of the workplace, by reducing the time employees have to spend searching for catalogues, files or products. Outfitting an office with commercial joinery involves much more than simply installing storage cabinets. Instead, often a complete organisational system is needed to transform the office into a usable space.

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