Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles That You Need To Know


Kitchen cabinets are major elements in your overall room interior design and decor. They are both very practical furnishings and highly fashionable items of beauty as well. Your kitchen cabinetry will be one of the features of the room that you take some time to select. You want to ensure that your choice of cabinet designs, materials, colours and textures strongly complements and enhances your entire stylish interior.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles that You Should Know About

There are some major kitchen cabinet designs that you should be aware of before choosing the cabinetry for your next kitchen update. These styles include the following:

• Flat-Panelled or Slab. These kitchen cabinets display doors in simple lines with minimalist style and appeal. They are among the most inexpensive to build or order. These attractive cabinets are especially popular for installation in contemporary kitchen designs. The solid slab doors in polished or painted wood, metal or composite material need no frames and are quite sturdy even though they are slender.

• Louvred. Stylish louvred kitchen cabinets have horizontal wooden slats. They are typically more expensive than many other designs, yet their fashionable appearance adds charm and elegance to your kitchen. Since there is space between the slats, these cabinet doors offer quality ventilation in your kitchen or adjoining pantry and breakfast nook. The wooden slats may be finished, lightly polished or painted, as you like.

• Inset. These attractive kitchen cabinets have doors that are inset inside the cabinet frame rather than outside of the frame like the majority of cabinet designs. These cabinets must be made by skilled craftsmen using precise measurements to ensure that each door fits perfectly and operates smoothly. These designs are some of the most costly on the market. Yet they are quite durable when well-made and will last for long-term use and enjoyment.

• Beadboard. These charming and popular kitchen cabinet designs have a pleasing timeless quality. They consist of rows of vertical planks with ridges, or indentations, called “beads” between every plank. These cabinets are often used in a farmhouse or country cottage kitchen design and decor.

The beading offers an attractive textured look and stylish appeal that will never grow old or outdated. These cabinets can withstand everyday wear and tear without showing any signs of heavy use.

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