Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Guide


Before, kitchen cabinets are just made to store kitchen wares and food ingredients. As such, cabinetry assumes a priority job in all advanced kitchen structures and makeovers. Even at times, it ranges up to half of a renovation’s spending plan. This is because the kitchen is the core of the home, thus uniting loved ones for sustenance. Meanwhile, the cabinetry is one of the main things somebody will see when they step into your kitchen, so it needs to work, the best it can. Below is a modern kitchen cabinet design guide.

Pick the Best Materials

It is essential for kitchen cabinets to complement the entire space in style and function. Thus, if done right, mixing and matching materials allows you to experiment with textures and influence the kitchen’s ambience. For instance, wood cabinets typically create a rustic vibe, especially when contrasted with white countertops. On the other hand, lacquer, marble and stainless steel are other fun and fabulous materials to consider. For a multi-purpose display and storage unit, glass fronted kitchen cabinets are a great choice. Aside from that, the floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets also adds a dramatic touch.

Consider Floor Plan in Selecting Cabinets

The floor plan of your kitchen must be highly considered in incorporating and selecting cabinets. This is to avoid any gigantic cabinets that would not fit your kitchen in the first place or choosing some that doesn’t store that much items. You must first carefully assess your surface area and the measurement of the spaces where you plan on positioning your cabinets. From there, you can easily identify the dimensions and size of cabinetry that you plan to incorporate.

Opt for Both Open and Closed Storage

Modernity is best defined as being indescribable. Due to the many styles and aesthetic it can accommodate, a varied type suits a modern cabinet design best. You can have an integrated cabinetry wherein you can have a combination both open and closed storage spaces. You can have a well-functioning and efficient kitchen cabinetry with both open and closed storage spaces because function does not depend on a certain shape or size.

Experiment with Colour Play

While monochromatic colours screams modern in most categories, that does not mean that you are not allowed to experiment with colour play. You could make use of splashes of brightness, either on lower cabinets, hardware or the tiled splashback. You can also lift a kitchen cabinet’s design and aesthetic without taking away from its simplicity. Modern cabinet design also allows two-tone cabinets, which add another wonderful talking point.


Not many people know that the best modern kitchen cabinet designs focus on quality finishes. Quality finishes produces a warm, welcoming and ever-stylish aura  that allows your space to shine.

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