Organise and Renovate Your Laundry Room Space with the Right Joinery and Vanity Solutions


The laundry room is one of the most overlooked yet functional part of the home. If you’re creating your laundry design from scratch, it is recommended to consider your layout before fixtures or fittings. Designs can then usually be tweaked to accommodate choices. Custom joinery is a great way to create a highly functional space that flows with the rest of your home. It is advisable to design your laundry and kitchen at the same time. Here is how you can organise and renovate your laundry room space with the right joinery and vanity solutions.

Built-in Wall Cabinetry

By hiring your joinery experts to design and construct streamlined and efficient built-in wall cabinetry with stunning door designs in handcrafted natural timber or enamel-painted aluminium, you can save space and give the room a more open feeling. This will also eliminate the frequent head bumps that the taller members of your household can experience from open overhead cabinet doors.

Movable Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Your joinery experts can build and install wall-mounted cabinets that will swing outward from the wall when in use and move back into place with a gentle push when not needed. These convenient, space-saving storage cabinets are especially popular in long, narrow laundry rooms with plenty of wall space. Although sturdily built, this type of joinery is normally lightweight and is often constructed of aluminium, veneer or composite materials.

Free-Standing Cabinet and Drawer Units

Modern free-standing cabinets or cupboards with adjustable shelving and lower drawers are often designed as mobile units on wheels. They are heavy enough to stay in place, but can be moved about easily from one area of your laundry room to another as needed. The tall outer walls of these cabinets are especially attractive when made of beautifully grained natural timber. They also require little maintenance and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and light detergent followed by occasional surface polishing.

Hidden Washer

When your joinery experts design and build a vented closet to house your stacked washer and dryer units, you will also enjoy more open space in your laundry room. With these two essential appliances close at hand yet hidden away until in use, you will have additional floor space for rolling your mobile cabinet unit around as needed and pushing laundry carts or other equipment around the room.

Laundry Chute

Your home may have an unused laundry chute installed in a wall that leads from the upper floors down to the laundry room. This is a great convenience for gathering linens and clothing from upper floor bedrooms and baths on laundry washing days. Rather than having to carry laundry downstairs for washing, you can just drop it in the chute on your upper floors, sending it downstairs for collection in laundry baskets. If your home is not equipped with this convenience, your experienced joiners can determine the best way to construct a chute for you.


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