The Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Cabinet Construction and Installation


A kitchen renovation is a big job, and designing the cabinets and joinery requires careful consideration. You not only need to make sure it will have the look you want, but you also need to make sure that it has adequate space for appliances and other elements that you want to include. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


Kitchen Renovation Dos


Have a Plan

The first do is to have a plan. You need to include inspirational photos, diagrams, and a planned workflow. This is a good tool for communicating with contractors and others involved in the work so that everyone has the same vision.


Check Appliance Dimensions

If you are building custom joinery, you need to know the dimensions of your existing appliances or go shopping for your new ones before you design the renovation. It is much easier to custom design your joinery around your favourite appliances than to try to find appliances that fit into the space you created.


Work with a Designer and Contractor

Working with a designer or contractor is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that the final project will meet your needs. Their experience is valuable, and they know many tricks of the trade that you do not. They can also make style tips and suggestions that will help you get more enjoyment out of your cabinetry and new kitchen.


Kitchen Renovation Don’ts


Forget the Budget

In the frenzy of the project, it is easy to get caught up and approve materials better too expensive for your budget. Before you approve a more expensive material or upgrade, take some time to step back and see if it is really needed.


Ignore Contractor Suggestions

The first step is hiring a contractor you can trust. Once you find someone to complete your project, make sure to listen to them for any suggestions that need to be addressed. Sometimes things are discovered as the kitchen is demolished that need to be addressed before the project can be completed. A contractor’s experience is valuable, and you should always take their suggestions into serious consideration. They will often think of things that you did not, like the cabinet door that will never open fully because something is in the way.


Traffic and Lighting

Don’t forget to take traffic patterns and lighting into consideration. It is easy to focus on the objects that will go in the kitchen, but make sure to step back and try to visualize the family, pets, and everyone else who will move through the space and use it throughout the day.

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