Upgrade Your Kitchen Bench Space with These Popular Options from Trim Joinery


Redecorating certain parts of your home is easy and affordable. For example, changing the rugs, repainting walls, rearranging furniture, and using themed décor is sometimes enough to transform rooms into more attractive living spaces. We couldn’t say the same for the kitchen though. Most of its elements like kitchen counters are immobile and seemingly impossible to remove and redesign. But there are ways to upgrade your home this spring with a new kitchen counter.

Colour-Coordinated Countertops

Old laminate countertops can be repainted in do-it-yourself style. Many hardware stores sell kits with pre-selected paints, tools, and instruction manuals that will get you through the process. But these kits are usually costly. In most cases, it would be cheaper to purchase materials separately. Anyway, numerous online sources provide step-by-step guides that you could follow. Or, you could hire a professional company to remodel your kitchen for you?

There’s no need to risk investing inexpensive paint to update your old kitchen counters, and then discover you wish you hadn’t. Professional kitchen renovators have many options available which could be used to update kitchen counters using things like acrylic and glossy sealers, to make them look like granite. The combination of paste wax and chalkboard paint result in counters that resemble soapstone. Products used to skim-coat floors also provide you with the chance to make concrete-like countertops. You can also imitate natural stones.

Incorporate Tiled Counters

Placing tile over old countertops is one more way to change their look. It’s a much easier DIY project than using concrete, and it’s cheaper too. Tiles are best placed over plywood and MDF countertops with a tile membrane. However, you can also set them on laminate. Unless you know what you are doing, it could be a costly undertaking with unknown results.

Install a Butcher’s Block

Save kitchen space by installing a butcher’s block on one of your countertops. A butcher block is a chopping board on top of a counter. For this, you will need a wood countertop – otherwise, you have to get one installed. It’s one of those DIY projects you can take on with the help of tutorial videos, but again, unless you know what you’re doing it could be costly and take a long time to finish.

Consult Professionals

Honestly, when it comes to your home, DIY projects tend to be risky. Let’s face it, not everyone has the talent to redesign counters without screw-ups. One mistake and you may end up ruining your countertop. Rather than save money, you are left with additional expenses on repairs or worse – kitchen counter replacements.

Kitchen renovations are becoming more and more popular and can bring even the most tired of kitchens back to life. Trim Joinery can replace the doors, drawers, panels and benchtops from our wide array of materials and colour selections. Our team will keep you informed throughout the entire process and always be there to answer any questions you may have.

We want our clients to enjoy the experience and be excited to receive their new joinery. This should never be a stressful or anxious time and our total commitment to providing a high level of customer service will ensure the job flows flawlessly and our clients are always at ease.

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