Your Practical Guide to Bathroom Cabinet Styles and Ideas


When designing a new home bathroom or upgrading your current bath, one of the most important elements is cabinetry. The style, material and construction of new bath cabinets are all important to the overall design and decor of the room.

In addition, upgrading your bathroom with fashionable and functional new cabinetry will increase the market value of your home. Also, by installing high-quality new cabinets in your bath, you can look forward to recovering from 65 to 67 percent of the cost if you should sell your home.

Practical Advice and Information about Bathroom Cabinet Designs and Ideas

Some helpful practical advice and information concerning bathroom cabinet styles and ideas include the following:

• Vanity-Sink Cabinet. The combination of a stylish bathroom sink and vanity has maintained its popularity for multiple years. The cabinet(s) included in an attractive vanity-sink console is often spacious, providing a convenient and practical storage area.

Single vanity cabinets offer a large space for storing grooming and beauty aids and equipment, extra towels and bathing soaps, shower gels, lotions, shampoos and conditioners.

• Floating Cabinetry. Floating cabinets are attached to the wall and have countertops and either builtin or countertop sinks. They appear to be floating above the floor, and they can make your bathroom interior look more spacious and open. Your choice of countertops may be composed of marble, granite, quartz, wood or tile.

• Twin Sink Cabinets. Double-sink cabinets are ideal if your bath interior has a long wall. The lengthy, attractive counter space in natural or engineered stone or lustrous wood is enhanced by the long, spacious storage cabinet(s) below.

Matching or contrasting wall-mounted cabinets bordering the mirror above add even more storage options. Some double-sink cabinets include lower cabinets with a combination of shelving and drawers for keeping stored items organised.

• Built-in Cabinets.
Built-in wall cabinetry is an excellent fashionable and functional choice for your bathroom design and decor. Try customised cabinets for plenty of storage space and a specialised one-of-a-kind style.

By using a combination of wood, glass, metal and natural stone, you and your expert cabinetmaker can create truly unique, highly appealing bath cabinets with plenty of stylish storage options.

• Recessed Wall Cabinetry. If your cabinet-building exert creates and installs recessed wall cabinetry with shelving, you can save bathroom space while enjoying extra storage areas. Since most walls are no less than four inches thick, you can save some room space while creating a beautiful series of wall cabinets and shelving designs.

When you contact our experts at Trim Joinery located in Fountaindale, NSW, you will benefit from top-quality advice, designs, building, and installation services for unique bathroom cabinetry styles. Our excellent team can also offer plenty of ideas and suggestions for the best ways to enhance your bath interior with stylish new cabinets.

Our professionals will ensure that your updated bathroom includes stunning and practical new cabinetry for the ultimate beauty and practical storage options.


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